Terms & Conditions

Any visit to www.pgnpiano.com and/or any of the pages on www.pgnpiano.com as well as any purchase of any product on www.pgnpiano.com is subject to these terms and conditions. PGN Piano advises you to read them carefully before using the website, or purchasing any product.


The ACCESS PLAN provides USERS access to the lessons on the website, which can be watched online, via streaming. The ACCESS PLAN also provides USERS access to the PGN PIANO SLIDES*, which can be watched online, as well as downloaded and printed. *The PGN PIANO SLIDES are available for lessons in the ‘Before August 2016’ section only.

An ACCESS PLAN offers a USER access to the website for a certain period of time. After this period of time has passed, the ACCESS PLAN will stop automatically. The USER will not be re-billed. If the USER wants to regain access to the lessons on this website it is required to purchase a new ACCESS PLAN manually.

The ACCESS PLAN does not provide USERS with any rights to future lessons, or lessons that have been removed from the website. The ACCESS PLAN doesn’t provide USERS with a right of access to any of the lessons in particular, though solely to those lessons available on the website. The ACCESS PLAN give a right of access to the website displaying lessons, not to the lessons themselves. PGN PIANO reserves the right to remove any or all lessons from www.pgnpiano.com at any given time, without prior notice to any of the USERS, and PGN PIANO is not required to provide access to any of the removed lessons to any of the USERS at any given time. USER consent for removal of lessons is not required. PGN PIANO will not be liable to any claims or lawsuits from USERS or their representatives in case of removal of any lessons. PGN Piano will strive to have all lessons online all the time, though this is not always possible, and will strive to not remove any lessons without reason.


PGN PIANO reserves the right to change any of the prices of any of the products offered at any given time. PGN PIANO reserves the right to discount products at any given time. PLEASE NOTE: these changes will not affect USERS who have purchased a product already.


Downloading slides in pdf-format is allowed for all USERS. PGN PIANO reserves all rights to all content on the website, as well as any files downloaded by any USERS or anyone in general. PGN PIANO does not allow anyone to copy, distribute, sell, exploit, upload, or offer any of the content that has been made available in part or in full on this website.


Since previews are available on YouTube and on the website, PGN Piano is not required to provide a refund in any case. PGN Piano will however always consider your case and try to find a solution in case problems arise. There is a refund policy of 7 days, in which you will get a refund for any reason or no reason.