Mark was born on 06/29/1989 in a little country called The Netherlands. Though attending music school introduction when he was 6 years old he never played an instrument until his 17th again. His girlfriend at the time taught him how to play a piano piece and from than on Mark couldn't be stopped. He soon learned another song: Mad World by Gary Jules and decided to make a lesson for it to put on Youtube. The lesson became very popular in short time and has reached over 500.000 views already.

Mark noticed that a lot of people liked his video very much. He therefore decided to continue producing video lessons and upload them to his YouTube channel.  He couldn't believe what happened next: he received a total of 1.000.000 views to his videos in no-time! Now, the channel has gone many times over..

The girlfriend turned out to be a success as well as they would get married at may 26th 2012. Mark now works full-time on his Youtube channel teaching piano all over the world. The Youtube lessons are being watched by people living in over 210 countries. Mark is very glad his success leads to other successes, those of students playing the piano, and feels very fortunate to have found such a wonderful job.

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